Monday, May 19, 2008

F. McLintocks Saloon & Dining House

750 Mattie Road
Pismo Beach, CA 93449
Phone: (805) 773-1892

My family bonded annually (and sometimes more than annually) over brunch and dinner at this favorite location in Pismo Beach. From the freeway, you can’t miss the giant cowboy.

For brunch, order anything you like, but don’t skip the famous “McLintocks potatoes” – the best hash browns you’ll ever have. My dad almost perfected a copy of this recipe, but we still have to go back for the real thing.

For dinner, this is a great chop house, so you can’t go wrong with steak of any kind. We’ve also indulged a few times with surf and turf, and the lobster was great.

Aside from the food, this place loves to turn a meal into a family event. Kids’ meals come with a reward – we all have fun memories of rummaging through a saddle bag of cheap toys for our plate-cleaning prize. And watch your water glass. Servers pour from as high as they can possibly reach, and can tend to make a bit of a splash with the show.

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